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How To Keep Your Floors Free From Dog Hair

Pet hair on your floors and carpets can make a very clean home appear to be untidy, and can be distracting when you are entertaining. But there are ways to keep your home floors free of dog hair, and you have probably tried a few of these methods, but if you haven’t, then it may be time to get started today so you can be rid of that unwanted pet hair ASAP.

Avoid carpet if possible
Hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring are the easiest to remove the unwanted pet hair from. There are many floor sweepers and cleaners today that pick up pet hair in a way that does not just push it into the corners and lift it into the air, but grips the hair and pulls it off the floor. With carpet you will see the animal hair get weaved into the fabric, making it twice as hard to remove.

Have a cleaning routine
It can be easy to skip cleaning your floor on a daily basis, because to be honest, it’s just going to get messy again. But if you make this part of your daily routine you will be surprised how much you reduce the amount of pet hair that can build up in the corners. Put your pets outside, or have a separate room for them to play or nap in while you perform this task. While we love our pets dearly, they are often not the best companions when you are trying to clean the floor.

Do it twice
When you are just starting to remove pet hair, and don’t quite have your routine down yet, then it would be wise to do everything twice a day for the first few weeks until you have removed all of the build up. This way you can get deep into the corners and start to gain a better sense of where the hair seems to collect the most. You won’t have to keep this up forever, but to start, you’ll want to be thorough and spend the time and elbow work to get the results you want.

Brush your dogs before or after you vacuum and sweep
Brushing your dogs on a regular basis will help keep the hair to a minimum, and if you do this outside directly before or after you have swept or vacuumed your floor, you wills start to notice what a big difference it makes. Your dogs will appreciate the attention and love they get outside, and you will love that your floor is hair free.

Also remember you can use your vacuum on your hardwood floor which will have a better effect than traditional sweeping. Having the right hose attachments will also make a difference when it comes to removing pet hair.

Use the right filters
When you have the right kind of filter in your home, it can catch those hairs that float around during the day, and after you have swept or vacuumed your home. You want to make sure that you change them on a regular basis, and it would be a good idea to mark the date on the calendar, or set a reminder on your phone when it is time to buy a new filter and replace the old one. Make sure you are using the best quality filters you can find to ensure they are doing their job.

Use a ChomChom on the rest of your furniture
Keeping your furniture free of hair is also going to give the floor a break because you won’t have the ceiling fan blowing it off of the sofa and onto the rug. The ChomChom is easy to use and it creates an electrostatic charge that picks up the hair quickly and efficiently. You’ll never have to buy another lint roller again!

Call today to order your ChomChom, and remember that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we believe in our product so much, and we want you to be happy in your hair free home. It takes work to make your pet friendly home hair free, but once you have the right tools in place, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.


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Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon or Chewy if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?

Wait! Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?