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7 Tips For Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

We know that pets love to lie on furniture and rub their fuzzy bodies all over it in comfort. While it can be adorable to watch, when they are finished, they can leave quite a bit of hair behind. Soon that hair starts to weave into the furniture, and next thing you know, you’re picking it up with your clothes and taking it everywhere you go. Here are a few ways to combat that from happening so you can get started removing pet hair from your furniture today.

Basically, you take a small rubber mat or glove, and your roll it around on your sofa like you are rolling up a ball of play-dough. Soon you will have a giant ball of hair that you can throw out. While this can be a tedious method, it is one that is not uncommon and has worked for many people for years.

Use a cover you can remove and wash
On any furniture possible, you should use a slipcover that can be washed on a regular basis. This will actually protect your furniture from more than just pet hair. It will also protect against food stains and other dirt and elements that can upset the look of your furniture. Be sure when you wash it though, you shake the cover outside first so you don’t hurt your washer and dryer when cleaning something that has a lot of hair embedded in it.

Set up a bed area for your pet
If your pet has a favorite place to lie, then you should do everything you can to make it comfortable for them because then you can control the area where you know that most of the hair will be concentrated. Use a sheet or blanket where they like to rest, or find a comfortable bed that has a washable cover. Your pet will appreciate having their own spot in the room with you and your family, and you will like having the area you have to clean the most concentrated in one spot.

Create boundaries for your pets
It can be hard to keep your four-legged friends off of the couch, but when they are keen on running their bodies across the furniture to relax, it can capture some major hair that can be almost impossible to remove. If you need to keep them off of the couch while you are at work, you can use baby gates to keep them in the kitchen, or have cardboard boxes you bring out in the morning to surround your couch with.
Vacuum daily
It is imperative that when you are trying to remove unwanted pet hair from your furniture that you vacuum on a regular basis. You want to vacuum both your carpet and hardwood for best results. If you don’t take care of getting the pet hair off of the floor, it will often just be redistributed onto your furniture by your pet, or by other family members who live in the house.

Groom often
You will want to brush your pets on a regular basis, as well as bath them often. While it is never a fun a chore to bath a pet, trust us when we say they love the feeling afterwards. This will keep their hair loss to a minimum and keep them feeling like a million bucks.

The best time to brush your pet is right before you vacuum your floor and replace your washed furniture covers. This is when they will shed the least amount of hair.

Buy a ChomChom
If you haven’t heard of a ChomChom yet, then you are missing out. It is so easy to use because all you have to do is roll it back and forth over your trouble spots. It can pick up the most stubborn pet hair that is woven into your furniture, and you will never have to bother with replacing any sticky tape that conventional lint rollers use.

It’s simple to dispose of the hair that has been collected, and it is completely reusable. That means you never have to buy additional pieces and that makes it very eco-friendly. This convenient hair catcher is one of the best ways for you to keep your furniture hair free and looking like new.


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Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon or Chewy if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?

Wait! Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?