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5 Steps To Pet Hair Free Clothes

Pet hair has a natural attraction to clothing, and it can be easy to take it everywhere with you. You notice it when you’re at work or out with your friends, and you don’t always have something handy to get the hair off with when you finally do see it. You’ve probably tried multiple methods in the past to help remove the pet hair from your favorite outfits, and here are a few more ways to prevent going out with pet hair all over your clothes.

Shut the closet door
It may seem like a no-brainer, but the simple act of putting your clothes in a contained area that your pet is not allowed is a great place to start when you are trying to prevent hair from getting on your shirts and pants. You can just shut your closet door, or if you don’t have a door, then find a creative way to add a barrier so your pet can’t get in there.

You also want to be sure, you are in a no pet zone when you are putting on your clothes. This may mean going into the bathroom and changing with the doors closed, or having the bedroom shut off to pets in the morning. But of course they know that when you get home in the evening, and put on your pet-friendly clothes, you’ll be ready to play.

Brush your pets daily
Brushing your pet on a daily basis outside is going to prevent a lot of hair from falling off inside your house and near your clothes. They will also leave less hair on your pants when they lovingly swipe by you, rubbing their full body on your legs.

Plus, they will love the attention they get with their daily brush and will ultimately be happier to have that unwanted hair removed. When dogs and cats are shedding, they will always appreciate a bit of help getting all of that hair off of them, and you will appreciate it being contained to an outside area, rather than all over your shirts and pants.

Pay attention to your pets diet
You pet’s diet may be part of the reason they are losing so much hair in the first place. It can be tricky with all of the healthy advertisements for animal food out there to know which one is the best. Start by reading the ingredient labels. You want the first ingredient to be protein, and you may also want to start your pet on a daily vitamin. Talk to your vet about what the best foods are for your pet’s coat and overall health.

Check the fabric of your clothing
Some fabrics will attract pet hair like a magnet, and these should be avoided where possible. When you wear a knitted sweater, hair can get weaved in with the fabric, and nearly impossible to get out. Nylon can develop static cling very easily, and when worn draws the hair to it. Leather is good choice for repelling pet hair, but can’t be worn in every occasion. At least we have one more great solution for you!

Buy a ChomChom
A ChomChom is the best way to get pet hair out of your clothes. You can try many different methods, but it seems that there is always a little bit that just gets missed. A ChomChom is not a lint roller, and you don’t ever have to worry about changing sticky tape because this device is 100% reusable.

You don’t need to plug it in, and it’s going to give you the results you have been looking for. Basically, you move the roller back and forth to get the embedded hairs out of your clothing. And the best part is, this works on more than just clothes. When you are finished using it, just flip open the lid and you can throw away all of the dirt and dander that you collected.

If you are ready to see for yourself how well the ChomChom works, then order one today. It has a 100% guarantee and once you use it, you’ll be suggesting ChomChom to your friends and family, if you haven’t already bought them one as a gift.


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Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon or Chewy if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?

Wait! Did you know you can also buy our product on Amazon if you don’t feel 100% comfortable buying on our site?